Aromatherapy Massage

A Swedish Massage in which therapeutic essential oils are used to ​activate healing properties in your body.

60 Minutes $120

90 Minutes $150

Hot-Stone Massage

​A traditional full body massage enhanced by the use of heated stones. The heat penetrates deeply into the muscle, melting away layers of tension and stress.

60 Minutes $110

90 Minutes $140

Massage Services

Energizing Leg & Foot Massage

This therapeutic foot treatment relieves stress, revitalizes and rejuvenates. Service includes reflexology session and intensive massage of the feet and calves to improve circulation.

30 Minutes $60

​Energizing Hand & Forearm Massage

Therapeutic treatment invigorates tired, aching hands and arms. Can help relieve carpal tunnel pain and stimulates relaxation. It can be added to your nail service.

​30 Minutes $40

Swedish Massage

The classic relaxing full body massage using long, smooth strokes to relieve stress and tension.

30 Minutes $60

60 Minutes $90

90 Minutes $135

Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic massage designed for individuals who want a more intense and detailed pressure to relieve tension in specific muscle groups.

30 Minutes $65

​60 Minutes $105

90 Minutes $155